Ask the expert

Are you one of our experts?

If you are a trainer or another expert within the equestrian sport you now have the chance to spread your knowledge in a totally new way.

Ridely now launches the service “Ask The Expert”. In this way, our users get a chance to get help by a trainer or another expert directly in the app. The user logs an activity with a video (max 10 minutes) and writes a question or describes his/her problem. He/she then chooses which expert he/she wants help from. 

You as a trainer or expert get a mail with a link to a web page where you can watch the video and read the question. You also write your feedback on the same page. Super easy! 

This is a perfect way for you as a trainer/expert to: 

  • Contribute to good riding/horse management in a professional and easy way, even to riders who don’t have access to a trainer. This way they don’t need to ask advice in a Facebook group… 

  • Be able to do more training sessions, from home in a simple and easy way.

  • Attract new students. But even if you are an experienced trainer this is an easy way to teach more in time you wouldn’t have used for teaching otherwise.

  • Skip all the administrative work around booking and payments. You set your own price and Ridely handles everything else. You just send us an invoice at the end of the month. 

You simply just do what you do best - teach!

Do you want to join?

This is how it works:

  • We make a simple agreement where you set your price per feedback. We take a small administrative fee. 

  • We add you as an expert and you provide your presentation on the webpage. 

  • If you want to, we can publish information about you in a new category on the inspiration page in Ridely, Ask The Expert. Here you can either use a photo or a video presentation. Perfect to describe your background and way of teaching. You can also have a link to your website if you want. 

Interested? Send a mail to us and we take care of everything!