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Personalised Training Program with Ridely’s New AI Coach

With our AI coach in your pocket, you have access to a wealth of knowledge on training, grooming, horse health and general equestrian topics.

Take advantage of Ridely’s brand new Personalised Training Programs that are custom made and tailored to your riding ability, your horse’s level, and your specific goals for improvement.​

“Riders often face obstacles that prevent progress. While having an in-person trainer is ideal, it’s not always feasible,” said Ingrid Sundqvist, CEO of Ridely. “Our AI coach fills this gap by creating customised training tailored to each rider’s unique needs and goals.”

Using Ridely’s extensive and expert-verified video library created with top trainers, the AI coach asks about your objectives, horse, trouble areas, and experience level. It then crafts a personalised training plan using exercises confirmed by experts, drawn directly from Ridely’s rich content repository, targeted to you and your horse’s needs. You can also chat with Ridely’s AI assistant, Ridi, to get riding tips, ask questions and find support.

“As riders ourselves, we’re thrilled to empower other riders worldwide to advance their skills and enjoy their training more through this innovative AI technology,” added Ingrid.

Jump into Ridely and start asking your questions to Ridi and generate your own personalised training program today! 👋🏼💬

Learn from Carl Hester in Ridely!

Exclusive training videos with top trainers and riders like Carl Hester are available in the Ridely library. Don’t miss it!