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Ridely Introduces the Safety Feature you have Always Needed!

Are you a nervous hacker or do you find yourself always riding alone?

Ridely is changing the game with the release of their newest feature: RideSafe Tracker. Now your loved ones can follow your ride in real time on a map on their phone, either in Ridely or in a browser.

When using the RideSafe Tracker, your trusted person will receive notifications if you should stop moving for 5 minutes, and when you end your ride. Peace of mind for both of you!

“I go trail riding alone several times per week, and my family always worries. My horse is quite hot and sensitive and although nothing has happened so far, it feels great to know that if it should, they know where to find me! And for them, just to know that I’ve returned to the barn safely is a big relief.”

– Ridely user, Jill (USA)

“The RideSafe feature made me feel confident and took away that feeling of doubt when I was out riding alone..my safety contact was really relieved when following my ride in real time and being able to see I returned safely. I love this feature!”

– Ridely user, Hannah, (AUS)

Ridely’s new RideSafe Tracker functionality makes sure someone has your back if something happens during your ride. It is really easy to activate just before you hop on your horse.

If you aren’t already a subscriber and want to see what all of the fuss is about, check out your App Store today and download Ridely. Take the RideSafe Tracker on your next hack with the 7-day free trial.

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