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  • Personalised training programs

    Experience a new way to learn with Ridely’s AI Equestrian Coach.

    With Ridely in your pocket, you have access to a wealth of knowledge on equestrian topics. Whether you have a specific question or need some advice the AI coach is here to help. Take advantage of the Personalised Training Programs that are custom made and tailored to your riding ability, your horse’s level, and your specific goals for improvement.

    As an industry pioneer, the AI coach is constantly learning and evolving to meet the needs of the equestrian community.

  • Live share your ride

    Riding out alone just got safer!
    Ever felt nervous when riding out alone, in case something should happen? Falling off without anyone knowing your location is definitely a nightmare… 😱

    That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop the newest feature in Ridely: RideSafe Tracker. Now your loved ones can follow your ride on a map on their phone, either in Ridely or in a browser. By using the Ridely app, they also get notifications if you should stop moving for 5 minutes, and when you end your ride. Peace of mind for both you and your loved ones!

  • Learning by watching

    Browse our library of 450+ videos across categories including dressage, show jumping, eventing, western, grooming, in-hand and more. 

    Use our tailored search or get inspired by our recommendations to find the right exercise(s) for you to practice at home.

    Our team has travelled across the globe to find the best trainers and film specific exercises with them.

  • Structure and support are key

    We currently offer 19 different training programs to help you acquire new skills in specific areas. 

    The training programs break down goals into specific steps ranging from 5 to 11 individual sessions and includes homework for you to practise.

    Community groups are attached to each training program for you to share progress and questions with other riders as well as qualified trainers who are there to help.

  • Follow and share your progress

    Use the interactive calendar to log and plan your training sessions and keep track of everything around your horse. 

    Our statistics view will give you a nice summary of everything you’ve done including your training and progress.

    If you have a co-rider, you will also be able to see their sessions and leave comments. Share your horse in Ridely to let trainers, friends and family follow your journey.

  • Sharing is caring

    At Ridely we believe in the power of a supportive community.

    We offer access to a range of groups, from “Dressage Discussions”, “The Young Horse Journey” to “Jumping Community” and “Horsey Adventures”.

    All designed to create a platform for our users to share their stories, experiences and questions with other Ridely users and gain valuable insights and solutions from our qualified experts who participate in the groups with guidance and support.

And you know what’s even better? Ridely is free to download and use!
We also offer a premium version, Ridely PRO, with unique riding exercises and extra functionality.