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Ridely’s Exclusive

Training Programs

Looking for better structure and a plan for your training? Then look no further! Our programs provide step-by-step guidance from Olympic riders and top trainers around the world.

Our Training Programs

Improve Your Dressage Scores

Olympic Gold Medallist and dressage legend Carl Hester challenges you to improve your dressage scores with focus on a different movements each session.

Jump Your Young Horse with Henrik von Eckermann

The important steps of getting your young or inexperienced horse all the way to jumping the course. Why not learn from the show jumping World Champion?

The Confidence Booster

The perfect program to boost your confidence in the saddle. You’ll learn how to train your brain to feel more confident, manage spooky horses, improve your position in the saddle – and much more!

Off the Track and Into the Arena

The basics of training an off the track/ex racehorse. This program is hosted by Australian Olympic Eventer Amanda Ross.

Bit & Bridle Fitting

Why are correct bits and bridle fitting so important for your horse? Certified bit and bridle fitter Kim Gentry walks you through the popular types of bits and bridles and how to fit them to your horse.

Better Communication from the Ground Up

Horsemanship Expert, Dana Glass is here to help you with all things groundwork. Basics of leading and lunging, methods to help rearing horses, spooky horses and how to introduce the flag in groundwork.

Master the Dressage Aids and Position

Gareth Hughes is back in Ridely with a new Training Program. Nail the details of dressage movements with the help of a european team gold medallist.

Ride Extended Gaits Like Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin, one of the best dressage riders of all time, gives you an exclusive program to ride the extended canter the way she does.

Preparing for Cross Country

Andrew Hoy’s Cross Country Training Program – a unique learning opportunity to harness your eventing skills with guidance from the seasoned 8x Olympian.

Improve Confidence and Technique

Joe Stockdale and Jack Whitaker teams up to help you improve your jumping at home in this superb program. Don’t miss it!

Grooming tips and tricks with Alan Davies

Learn about everything from general horse care to plaiting and getting your horse show ready. Alan is also in the group to answer your questions!

6 Steps to Jumping a Course with Meredith Michaels Beerbaum

Learn the important steps of jumping a course with Meredith, the first woman to reach FEI world rank nr 1.

Lillie Keenan’s Favourite Exercises to Build Strength and Balance

Lillie Keenan is a professional show jumper for Team USA, she has put together a variety of exercises learnt from different trainers (like McLain Ward) to share with you in this exclusive program.

8 Week Core Strength and Stability

Providing a supportive community for equestrian athletes, where riders can connect, share their experiences, and motivate each other on their fitness journeys. Follow the training program and virtual challenges to get motivated and feel supported on your journey.

Junior Training: Dressage

Here you will learn about the foundations of dressage demonstrated by some young riders and their ponies and horses. Photo by LeMieux.

Your Guide to Clipping Your Horse

Here you will learn about the equipment for clipping, the basics, how to clip a nervous horse, clipping sensitive areas, different types of clips. All taught by professional equine clipper Erin Gaul.

Train Equitation / Hunter / Jumper

Advice from top Equitation/Hunter/Jumper trainer and owner of Beacon Hill Show Stables, Stacia Madden. How to improve your horse’s rideability, flatwork tips for equitation, and exercises specifically for Jumpers.

Have Fun and Build Strength with Poles

This program is designed by pole expert Tania Grantham to give you some new ideas and make your training sessions fun!

How to Cope with Nerves and Fear

Mind coach Annette Paterakis guides you to take control over your nerves and fears.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Riders

This program will help you be more present in the moment and to find your inner balance. Yoga instructor Kia Herold is in the group to answer your questions!

Learn to master the Flying Change

Would you like to learn how to master the flying change? Then this is the program for you!

Improve your Canter Transitions

Nail those canter transitions with the help of accredited coach and dressage rider Amy Blount. She is available in the group to answer your questions!

Flatwork for Jumpers

Do you want to improve your flatwork in order to level up your jumping? Then you’re in the right place.


What our users say

Helping thousands of riders

“This app is a game changer for me and my horse. From training programs, exercise videos, tracking and literally everything about my horse – it really does it all!”

“I really enjoyed the expert trainer challenges that motivated me and gave me the push to try new things. Amongst the social section of the app you can connect with others and I directly participated in training workshops.  This app has really aided my training by giving me access to expert guidance that I would not normally have access to. I found the groups so helpful to connect with the horsey community, while also having guidance from the experts to assist me with questions.”

“I’ve been using Ridely for the last month. Ridely is a very informative app unlike most others. It has videos, chat rooms with other riders in your chosen discipline, each horse has its own individual file so you can track your rides but you can also use the training programs where you can do all sorts of training in your chosen discipline. 
I absolutely recommend it.”

Explore in the app

Currently our Training Programs are only available in the app. There you can explore the content of all our programs, or create your own personalised one with the help of our AI coach.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the training programs?

Our training programs are only available in the app. You can download the app here.

The training programs are included in the Ridely PRO subscription. Meaning you need to be a Ridely PRO member to start a training program. You can upgrade to Ridely PRO here.

How long do I have access to the training programs?
As long as you are a Ridely PRO member you have access to the training programs.
How often do I have to do the sessions in the training program?
That’s entirely up to you! Pause and redo the sessions whenever you want! This way you can adjust the program to you and your horse’s needs. As long as you have Ridely PRO you have access to the training programs.