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About Ridely

Once upon a time…

There was a world full of great horses and talented equestrians. However, they couldn’t find a suitable digital tool that would help them develop and reach their greatest potential, no matter if they wanted to compete or simply have fun with their horse. 

That is why, in 2017, Ingrid Sundqvist, Totta Ogander and Erika Hjertén decided to build Ridely – your complete tool to improve together with your horse. Our mission is to do anything to help equestrians and their horses develop and become as great as they possibly can during their journey together.

Together with a great team we have kept developing the app since 2017, constantly improving. Our main goal is to create an app that can help any rider in the world to become better.

The Ridely Team
All Over the World

The app was founded in Sweden, and that’s where the core team is found. But we now have colleagues all over the world, specifically in Poland, The United Kingdom, Australia and The United States.

CEO & Founder

Ingrid Sundqvist


Dariusz Zabrzenski

Product Manager

Inga Zangers

Marketing Lead

Alexandra Ulin

US Country Manager

Nicole Graf

UK Country Manager

Harvey Buchanan

Community Manager

Hannah Basetti

Content Manager

Samantha Willson

QA Engineer

Piotr Wojda

CFO & Founder

Totta Ogander

Fullstack Developer

Tomasz Bajkacz

Frontend Developer

Beata Giełbaga

Operations Manager

Helene Adalberth

Profile image of Tatiana Hariki in a white shirt with cherry tree blossoms in the background.
Product Designer

Tatiana Hariki

Looking for a
business partner?

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any ideas. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with brands and profiles.


For any general questions or inquiries email us at teamridely@ridely.com.
If it’s country specific business opportunities, contact our country managers below.

US Country Manager

Nicole Graf

UK Country Manager

Harvey Buchanan

NZ/AUS Country Manager

Hannah Basetti