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Ridely Features

  • A journal for your training

  • Get video inspiration from top trainers

Document Your Sessions

Log your training and add comments, as well as the feeling, intensity and time. Upload photos or a video. You’ll never have your riding videos lost again! Use #hashtags in your comment to easily find activities in your calendar. 

  • Filter your calendar to find certain activity types or hashtags.

  • Share your activities to your social media account, or with another Ridely user.

Track Your Hacks

Track your hack with our tracker and get your ride on a map, together with the time, distance and average speed.

Share Your Horse(s) With Your Team

Register one or several horses and share them with your team – a trainerco-rider, parent or friend. You will all have the same information and get a notification when someone logs an activity with the horse. You can also chat with your team in the app.

Set goals – just like Meredith Michaels Beerbaum!

Write down your goals and break them down into bit size tasks that you plan in your journal. We’ll remind you if you want!

Join A Training Program

Set yourself up to reach new goals with ease – by joining our training programs with just a tap on your phone. We offer exclusive training programs with Olympic riders like Charlotte Dujardin and Meredith Michaels Beerbaum.

A Library of Training Videos

Exercises with top trainers & riders

Get inspired by over 400 training videos across disciplines including dressage, show jumping, hunter/jumper, western, in-hand work, grooming, fitness and more.

  • Search the exercises by trainer, category, hashtag or your favourites, and see what exercises are trending.

  • When you find an inspiring exercise – plan it in on your next activity. Never feel lost for inspiration again!

Flatwork, Young Horses

Finding Rhythm Using 3 Poles

Henrik von Eckermann, Olympic Showjumping Gold Medallist, World Champion


Getting a Perfect Square Halt

Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Gold Medallist

Fantastic Equestrian Tools


With Ridely you’re always just a few clicks away from a quick overview of your equestrian schedule. Plan and log literally anything you want!


Get interesting and useful stats like time, distance and average speed on your hacks with the Ridely tracker. It also draws your path out on a map so you can remember the route until next time.

Image Library

Never lose your images again! Attach images to training sessions in the Ridely calendar and it’s super easy to find it again and compare your riding. Everything is saved on the cloud!


When you log your training in Ridely, it automatically gives you data on your rides, that you can overview on the statistics page. A perfect way to see in which direction your training is going!


Share your horse(s) with your team, whether it’s your co-rider, your parents, trainer or a friend. Everyone on the team gets access to all the same info surrounding the horse.

Stored On The Cloud!

Yup, you heard it, never lose your data again. All of your training sessions are yours to keep forever in Ridely.

Available on Both iOS & Android.

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