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New Carl Hester tutorials are in Ridely and he’s challenging YOU!

The exclusive Carl Hester Dressage Challenge just dropped in the Ridely app, and we are super excited about what’s on offer with the master himself! Together with Carl, we are hosting a series of challenges that target specific areas of training to help you squeeze a few more marks out of your dressage tests!  A […]

The Ultimate Guide to Body Clipping Your Horse

When body clipping your horse, it’s super important to do it correctly so you can get a nice, neat clip in a comfortable and safe way for your horse! Whether you’re a regular clipper, or you’ve never clipped a horse before, we have some super simple tips to help you improve your clipping. 1. The […]

Squeeze more marks out of your dressage test with this secret! 🤫

The first excellent video from Carl Hester has landed and is a must watch for all riders. Read on to find out exactly how you can improve your scores, from the master himself. Crooked and uneven halts! We all get them, and they really impact the score in your dressage test. Every single test has a halt […]

We have so many exciting things to tell you!

The team here at Ridely have been busy filming, editing, developing and preparing to get a bunch of new content ready for you! Carl Hester is returning with new exercises Joe Stockdale and Jack Whitaker launching soon PRO Community Group is here with giveaways, discount codes and exclusive content Lillie Keenan’s new Training Program is […]
Henrik von Eckermann riding over 3 poles while training his horse

5 Pole Work Exercises for Your Horse with Just 3 Poles!

Pole work is a great way to add variety and fun into your sessions with your horse! It’s great for improving your scales of training and your accuracy as a rider. Incorporate it into your regular training sessions or it can be a session on its own! Here are some pole work exercises to help […]