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Master the Dressage Aids and Position with Gareth Hughes – A True Champion

November 6, 2023

Have you ever watched a stunning dressage performance and wondered how they achieve such grace and precision? You’re not alone. Many equestrians can appreciate the beauty of dressage movements, but mastering them is a different challenge altogether.

Meet your new trainer: Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes, British living in England, but grew up in Australia, is not your average equestrian. He’s a true champion, having excelled in various disciplines, including Dressage, Showing, In-hand, and even Western riding. His illustrious career has seen him clinch over 60 National and International Titles, with the most recent and substantial feather in his cap – bringing home the 2023 European Championships Team Gold Medal for Great Britain.

The Ultimate Dressage Aids and Position Training Program – Exclusively in Ridely!

At Ridely, we understand the burning questions that riders often have, and we wanted to demystify the art of dressage for you. That’s why we partnered with none other than Gareth Hughes to bring you the ultimate training program, exclusively available on our platform.

In this program, Gareth will unravel the secrets behind each dressage movement, providing clear and straightforward explanations of the aids required. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your dressage journey, this program will equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the world of dressage.

Program Highlights 🎓

Let’s take a sneak peek at what Gareth has in store for you in this comprehensive training program:

  1. How to Establish a Correct Position: Learn the foundational principles of achieving the perfect riding position, the key to mastering dressage.
  2. How to Ride Basic Transitions: Discover the art of seamlessly transitioning between gaits and movements.
  3. How to Ride Leg Yield: Master the lateral movement that demonstrates your horse’s suppleness and your finesse as a rider.
  4. How to Ride and Sit to Medium Trot: Unlock the secrets of executing the medium trot, a display of control and power.
  5. How to Ride Reinback: Perfect the reinback, an essential movement for a lot of dressage programs.
  6. How to Ride Shoulder In: Explore the intricacies of the shoulder-in, a hallmark of dressage finesse.
  7. How to Ride Trot Half Pass: Learn the art of executing a half pass at the trot, a test of your horse’s and your own lateral abilities.
  8. How to Ride Canter Half Pass: Take your skills to the next level with the canter half pass.
  9. How to Ask for Flying Changes: Finally, demystify the flying changes – a movement that leaves audiences in awe.

The first session launched 6th of November, with the rest launching once a month.

Train with Gareth Hughes – Exclusively on Ridely! 🐎

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the dressage world’s finest. Gareth Hughes and his team of horses are ready to guide you on your journey to dressage excellence. Begin your transformative experience today!

Ready to Elevate Your Dressage Skills? Get Started Now! 🚀

Embark on your journey to dressage mastery with Gareth Hughes – the champion who will help you unlock the secrets of the dressage aids and perfect riding position. Start your transformation today with Ridely! 🏇🌟

  • Train with 11+ Olympians from home.
  • Learn and make the most of your equestrian life.

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