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Want to boost your riding?

Then our training programs will be your thing! We have handpicked the best training exercises to reach a certain goal. The programs consists of curated training sessions with selected exercises that will help you solve problems and take the next step in your training.

Carl Hester

Olympic Medallist & Dressage Legend

A series of training videos exclusively in the Ridely app. Learn from the best and get top tips from the “dressage master”.

Our roster of

Riders & trainers

In the Ridely app you will find a library of filmed riding exercises with well renown riders and trainers. Learn from the very best no matter which level you ride at. We have videos for most disciplines and levels.

Brand new in Ridely!

Lillie Keenan

Only 25 years old she’s a Show Jumper for Team USA, and one of their most exciting upcoming riders. Now sharing her best exercises in the Ridely app!

Profile image of Carl Hester smiling together with his Olympic ride En Vogue.

Carl Hester

Olympic Dressage Gold Medallist
Profile image of Charlotte Dujardin.

Charlotte Dujardin

Triple Olympic Dressage Gold Medallist
Profile image of Henrik von Eckermann and his Olympic gold medal ride King Edward in the stable.

Henrik von Eckermann

Olympic Show Jumping Gold Medallist

Ingrid Klimke

Olympic Gold Eventing Medallist, WEG Dressage Bronze Medallist
Profile image of Meredith Michaels Beerbaum holding a tacked up young horse.

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum

Olympic Show Jumping Medallist
Action shot of William Fox-Pitt on the cross country corse wearing his Charles Owen helmet.

William Fox-Pitt

Olympic Eventing Medallist

Yvonne Losos de Muniz

Olympic Dressage Rider

Gareth Hughes

Olympic Dressage Team Reserve

Chloe Reid

International Showjumper

Alan Davies

International Supergroom

Schuyler Riley

International Showjumper

Lendon Gray

Olympian and Chairman of Dressage4Kids
See a list of all our riders/trainers

Alan Davies (Groom)
Alex Harrisson
Amy Blount
Anna Jesty
Annette Paterakis
Ariel Grald
Ben Clark
Bryan Penquite
Carl Hester
Charlotte Dujardin
Chloe Reid
Christoffer Adriansson
Claire Speer
Claudio Oliveira
Dannie Morgan
Dennis Callin
Ellesse Jordan Gundersen
Emily Harris
Erin Gaul (Horse Clipper)
Erin Sylvester Kanara
Gareth Hughes
Hannah Selleck
Harrison Ashton
Helena Stormanns
Helen Bates
Henrik von Eckermann
Ingrid Klimke
Jessica Gale
Joa Sigsbee
Katherine Bateson Chandler
Kristen Whittaker
Lendon Gray
Levi William Hunt
Lillie Keenan
Lisa Carusone
Matt Hicks
Meredith Michaels Beerbaum
Michael Dowling
Michael Langford
Michael Williamson
Nicola Buchanan
Ronnie Andersen
Schuyler Riley
Shaun Mandy
Tania Grantham
Targa Hammond
Vanessa Way
Yvonne Losos de Muniz

Video Exercise Trailers

Flatwork, Young Horses

Finding Rhythm Using 3 Poles

Henrik von Eckermann, Olympic Showjumping Gold Medallist, World Champion

Dressage, Flatwork

Cavaletti on a Circle

Ingrid Klimke, Olympic Eventing Gold Medallist, Dressage WEG Bronze Medallist


Dropping Your Stirrups and Picking Them Up

Lillie Keenan, Team USA show jumper


Getting a Perfect Square Halt

Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Gold Medallist

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Ridely Features

  • A journal for your training

  • Get video inspiration from top trainers

  • Join effective training programs

Document Your Sessions

Log your training and add comments, as well as the feeling, intensity and time. Upload photos or a video. You’ll never have your riding videos lost again! Use #hashtags in your comment to easily find activities in your calendar. 

  • Filter your calendar to find certain activity types or hashtags.

  • Share your activities to your social media account, or with another Ridely user.

Track Your Hacks

Track your hack with our tracker and get your ride on a map, together with the time, distance and average speed.

Share Your Horse(s) With Your Team

Register one or several horses and share them with your team – a trainerco-rider, parent or friend. You will all have the same information and get a notification when someone logs an activity with the horse. You can also chat with your team in the app.

Set goals – just like Meredith Michaels Beerbaum!

Write down your goals and break them down into bit size tasks that you plan in your journal. We’ll remind you if you want!

Join A Training Program

Set yourself up to reach new goals with ease – by joining our training programs with just a tap on your phone. We offer exclusive training programs with Olympic riders like Charlotte Dujardin and Meredith Michaels Beerbaum.

A Friendly Community!

Join the conversation in the Ridely groups! Every training program has a connected group which is also moderated by an educated trainer.

Motivate and help other riders and get the favour returned by other riders or trainers!

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Download the Ridely app to get started on a more structured journey towards your goals!

Years of educational experience

Ridely has been educating riders to improve their riding from home since 2017.
You can check out our educational video library here.

  • “Thank you so much for this lovely program! My horse and I have already had quite a few breakthroughs and I am thoroughly enjoying using the Ridely app for tracking rides and learning new things.”
    Training program participant
  • “The detailed explanations of dressage movements is really helping my riding to improve from home.”
    Ridely survey
  • “I just love this app! There are SO MANY fabulous training exercises for all levels of riders and disciplines! Being able to set your goals and track them is essential in any riders training. I highly recommend this app to everyone!!”
    App Store review
  • “Fantastic app really easy to use and really helpful videos.”
    App Store review

Fantastic Equestrian Tools


With Ridely you’re always just a few clicks away from a quick overview of your equestrian schedule. Plan and log literally anything you want!


Get interesting and useful stats like time, distance and average speed on your hacks with the Ridely tracker. It also draws your path out on a map so you can remember the route until next time.

Image Library

Never lose your images again! Attach images to training sessions in the Ridely calendar and it’s super easy to find it again and compare your riding. Everything is saved on the cloud!


When you log your training in Ridely, it automatically gives you data on your rides, that you can overview on the statistics page. A perfect way to see in which direction your training is going!


Share your horse(s) with your team, whether it’s your co-rider, your parents, trainer or a friend. Everyone on the team gets access to all the same info surrounding the horse.

Stored On The Cloud!

Yup, you heard it, never lose your data again. All of your training sessions are yours to keep forever in Ridely.

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