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We let you reach dedicated users that seek inspiration within the equestrian sport. By using video content that gives the user knowledge and inspiration you can create a big value for the users in the same time as you are building your band and creating awareness.

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We work with branded content where brands show their products or services in a way that creates interest. We can also help you with creating ads or videos and producing content.

Does it sound interesting? Send a mail to Helene at helene@ridely.com and she will get in touch!

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We offer several different ways of profiting off your knowledge with ease.

Olympic Show Jumping Medallist

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum

“Everything in my career has started with a good plan, and that’s where the Ridely app comes in. It’s a wonderful tool to set goals and make a plan, which is very important to me.”

Olympic Medallist & Dressage Legend

Carl Hester

A series of training videos exclusively in the Ridely app. Learn from the best and get top tips from the “dressage master”.

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Filmed riding exercises

Participate in riding exercises for Ridely. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and showcase your sponsors at the same time. And you make money doing it.

Ridely will produce the videos, pay you for your participation, and create posts on social media about you being featured in Ridely.

Become a Ridely-expert

Ridely has experts in all different disciplines that users can easily ask questions to directly in the app about specific problems or how to improve something.

Share more of your knowledge, help others riders, and get paid for it.

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International Dressage Rider

Gareth Hughes

“The Ridely app gives you a stepping stone style of being able to work forward. The exercises helps to paint a very nice picture for you.”

International GP Jumping Coach

Helena Stormanns

“I welcome Ridely as it’s gonna present horsemanship worldwide, and it’s essential. We have to give this knowledge to the next generation, and the next.”

Olympic Dressage Rider

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz
“Ridely offers expert advice and training videos from top trainers, plus a unique platform to plan and log your training and goals.”