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We’re inviting expert trainers and educators to help shape our equestrian education platform. Improve your teaching and your students’ learning through our tech-driven platform, saving time and meeting all student needs efficiently.

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Introducing the Ridely Academy

Ridely Academy is set to revolutionize equestrian education, providing a modern, inspiring learning experience designed to empower your students and save teachers and trainers time.

As the premier equestrian education app, Ridely Academy transforms classroom and arena learning by offering a personalized and inclusive environment crafted for a diverse range of education providers. Riding schools, trainers, teachers and other institutions can now benefit from an app tailored to equestrian education.
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Training Programs


Trusted Expert Content

  • Ridely Academy provides students with a robust knowledge base and accurate answers they can trust. All the high-quality content within Ridely Academy is developed by knowledgeable equestrians and endorsed by 11 Olympians. This ensures students have access to expert-approved information that meets high standards across various equestrian disciplines.

  • With Ridely Academy, students never have to question if they are receiving correct guidance or best practices. The content comes straight from the top riders and trainers in the field who have a proven track record. Students can feel confident knowing they are learning techniques and theory that is sound and effective.

Having trustworthy content created by those at the pinnacle of the sport provides students with an invaluable equestrian education. The knowledge base found in Ridely Academy gives students a solid foundation to build upon under the expertise of their own instructors. With accurate information that has been refined by equestrian authorities, Ridely Academy offers robust learning that empowers students to grow their skills and deepen their knowledge.

Personalized Learning

  • Ridely Academy offers a personalized learning experience tailored to each student’s unique needs and learning pace. Custom learning paths allow students to progress on their own schedule, rather than being bound to a rigid curriculum timeline. The app identifies knowledge gaps and learning challenges for each student through assessment and progress monitoring, to ensure students fully understand key concepts. Ridely Academy supports and challenges students at their individual level.

  • For students who excel in certain areas or want to go beyond the core curriculum, Ridely Academy facilitates further learning and exploration. The robust platform provides unlimited access to new equestrian knowledge and skills so advanced students can continually build on their abilities. 

Whether a student needs foundational support, wants to advance more quickly, or aims to go deeper into complex topics, Ridely Academy offers a truly personalized learning journey. With customized content and training suggestions, the app adapts to support each student’s unique path and goals.

For Educators

  • Ridely Academy’s community tools make it easy to communicate with students and build rapport. As an instructor, you can make announcements, highlight training tips, and share words of encouragement to the entire class or specific groups. By facilitating engaging discussions, you can help your students apply knowledge gained through lessons and content.

  • For group learning, Ridely Academy has screen casting capabilities. Educators can present lessons, content, and training exercises from the app directly to any screen. This makes Ridely Academy a versatile modern learning solution, adaptable to group settings or independent study. Students benefit from interactive education at their fingertips, while teachers save time with a streamlined teaching tool.

Interactive Tools

  • Ridely Academy recognizes that every student learns differently and connects with training in their own way. That’s why Ridely provides interactive tools designed to fit each student’s needs and learning style. Students are empowered to progress at their own pace, with Ridely tracking their training stats and milestones.

  • Goal setting is a key component of growth. Ridely enables students to set customized goals and then monitor progress toward achieving them. As students check off their progress, Ridely celebrates these small wins and motivates students to keep striving.

  • The interactive tools make training more rewarding. Students gain visibility into their accomplishments, which inspires them to continue their equestrian journey. 

With Ridely’s progress tracking and achievement features, students stay engaged and feel a sense of pride in their growth.

Connect and Grow in an Inclusive Community

  • Ridely Academy fosters an inclusive online community where students can engage in constructive and private group discussions. Inside the app, students have access to private group chats moderated by you as the educator. This allows them to discuss or ask you questions, share training experiences, and bond over their common interests in a safe, monitored space.

  • Beyond chatting with classmates, the broader Ridely Academy community connects students across geographic regions. By interacting with peers outside their barn or program, students gain perspectives and insights from a diverse range of riders. This inclusive community enriches their learning and personal growth.

Easy Integration

  • Ridely Academy makes incorporating interactive equestrian education incredibly simple. The technology seamlessly integrates into all teaching environments, offering flexibility between classroom and at-home learning scenarios.

  • Ridely Academy is compatible with all major smart mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Students and educators can access Ridely Academy through their preferred devices with ease. Whether in the barn classroom or at home in the evenings, students can continue learning anywhere.

Additional Features Enrich the Learning Journey

Ridely Academy doesn’t just stop at delivering expert equestrian education. It also enriches the entire learning journey for students with additional features that enhance engagement, provide insights, and promote safety.

  • RideSafe Tracker: Student safety is a top priority. Ridely Academy includes a RideSafe tracker that allows students to easily share their location with you/ contacts when riding, providing peace of mind.
  • Color-Coded Journals: Students can keep riding journals right in the app, making it easy to reflect on progress.
  • Training Stats and Calendar: The integrated calendar and stats features allow students to track training sessions, milestones and other equestrian activities. Reviewing stats over time provides valuable insights into progress.

With powerful features that augment the core education content, Ridely Academy ensures students get the most well-rounded equestrian learning experience possible. The journey is enriched, productive and safe every step of the way.

Transform Learning

  • Ridely Academy provides an innovative way to enrich and empower the equestrian education experience for both students and teachers. By integrating this groundbreaking all-in-one equestrian app into your learning environment, you can transform traditional teaching methods into a modern, inspiring journey.

  • Both students and teachers are empowered by Ridely Academy’s inclusive community and array of features designed specifically with their needs in mind. The safe, private environment facilitates engaging discussions while the calendar-based journals and real-time feedback enhance the learning process. With this innovative app, students gain unlimited access to robust equestrian knowledge and training programs endorsed by elite riders. Teachers benefit from time-saving tools that require no additional workload while supporting each student’s success.

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Take the tour

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Join Ridely Academy!

We’re inviting expert trainers and educators to help shape our equestrian education platform. Improve your teaching and your students’ learning through our tech-driven platform, saving time and meeting all student needs efficiently.

Interested? Fill out this form, and we’ll reach out for an informal chat to understand your needs and get you started right away.