Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the Ridely app provided by the company Ztabler AB, organization number 559070-0935, address Klippvägen 25B, 756 52 Uppsala, Sweden, in this text called “Ridely” or “we”.

What types of data do we collect?

In order to provide Ridely we need to process some information about you. We collect content and communications that you provide when using Ridely, such as:

  • The information that you enter when you create an account and a profile, for example your e-mail and password, as well as your name and any other information you enter such as photo, date of birth, description and location.
  • If you register your account on Ridely via Facebook, we collect the following information from Facebook: name, e-mail address and profile picture.
  • The content you post in the social feed: text, photo, video, and any comments on other people’s posts.
  • The users you choose to follow in the social feed.
  • Your saved horses and the activities you save on the horses.
  • Your use of Ridely: when you use Ridely and what you do, for example log activity, which pages in Ridely you are visiting at and which links you click on.
  • What kind of phone / tablet and operating system you are using, the city and country where you are located when using Ridely, what version of Ridely you are using, what version of the Terms of Use you have approved and if you have approved push notifications.
  • We save some information about your use of Ridely on your phone to facilitate your use, for example so you don’t need to log in every time.

What do we use the information for?

We use the information to:

  • Be able to deliver Ridely’s features, including customizing the social feed depending on the people you follow, and showing your horses and saved riding activities.
  • Develop, test and improve Ridely by following what users are doing in order to build a better product.
  • Measure how many users have seen different pages in Ridely, eg. ads or videos.
  • Be able to communicate with you through notifications, push notifications and e-mails at when there is something new in Ridely, and for marketing communications.
  • We also use their information to respond when you contact us.
  • In cases where we send you e-mail marketing, you can at any time decline more emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

How is the information shared?

Ridely uses a some external partners to provide the service, for example system for user management, database for logged activities and cloud service for storing data. We do not share your information with anyone outside of Ridely for any purpose other than providing the service.

This information about you is shared:

  • When you post to the feed, it can be seen by all users of Ridely.
  • When you comment on a post in the feed, it can be seen by all users of Ridely who access the post.
  • If Ridely were sold, we may transfer the information about you to the new owner.
  • We share information to the police or the court, if he law requires it.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with someone else’s post or comment, you can report it via the menu at the top right of the post.

What is the legal basis for processing your information?

The reason for processing your personal data is to be able to provide Ridely, also known as the completion of agreements. By using Ridely you give us the right to process your personal data.

Information regarding news and features in Ridely are sometimes sent via e-mail. This information is based on your consent. If you do not wish to receive e-mails from us, you can decline at any time by clicking unsubscribe.

Users under 16

If you are under the age of 16 you are still able to use Ridely. If you are under 16, your guardian or parent must approve your use and take part of this policy.

How long is the data stored?

We store the data until it is no longer necessary to provide Ridely or until your account is deleted, whichever comes first.

Ridely can delete your data if you haven’t used your account for over a year. In those cases we will contact you via e-mail to ask if you would like to keep your account. If you do not log in to Ridely within three months after this notification, the account will be deleted.

Account Deletion

You can delete your Ridely account at any time. If you are in the app, go to your profile page and select Delete account. If you are not in the app, send an e-mail to info@ridely.com to delete your account. Please note that we will then delete things that you have published and activities that you have registered in Ridely. This data cannot be recreated.

Removing the app from your phone does not delete your account.

Right to be forgotten

You have the right to be forgotten, that is, Ridely deletes all data about you, not just your account. If you want to exercise this right, send an e-mail to info@ridely.com.

Right to access saved data

You have the right to know what information we save about you, and you also have the right to access 

this information. If you want to exercise this right, send an e-mail info@ridely.com. If you think that we have incorrect personal data saved then you have the right to have them corrected.

Right to get saved data

If you want to get the information that you saved in Ridely, such as logged activities, you can contact us at info@ridely.com.

Data Security

Data security is important to Ridely. We use the level of security that is the industry standard when it comes to encryption, storage, firewalls, backups etc. No system is 100% secure and there is always a small risk that data will end up in the wrong hands. By using Ridely you accept this risk.

We store some of your information in cloud services (for example data storage) that in some cases are provided by companies outside of the EU. The security around this follows the industry standard.

If you believe that Ridely incorrectly processes your personal information, you can file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority in your country. 

We encourage you to use a strong password so that no one can guess your login details.

Changes to the personal data policy

Sometimes there may be a need to change these terms of use. Ridely has the right to change the terms by informing you of the changes. The last change date is at the bottom of the page.


We communicate with you through e-mail and notifications and push notifications on your phone. If you do not want to receive push notifications, you can turn them off in your phone’s settings.

We welcome your feedback. Email to info@ridely.com if you have questions about the terms of service or the service.

Data Owner:

Ztabler AB, organization number 559070-0935, address Klippvägen 25B, 756 52 Uppsala, Sweden.

Ridely’s privacy policy 2.0, latest change 2020-01-15.