New Carl Hester tutorials are in Ridely and he’s challenging YOU!

The exclusive Carl Hester Dressage Challenge just dropped in the Ridely app, and we are super excited about what’s on offer with the master himself! Together with Carl, we are hosting a series of challenges that target specific areas of training to help you squeeze a few more marks out of your dressage tests! 

A New Challenge Each Month! 

A new challenge will be released on a monthly basis, focusing on a different set of dressage movements. You’ll gain access to exclusive brand new videos with Carl as well as a step by step guide to help you improve the specific movement of the month. 

Share Your Journey

As part of this series of dressage challenges, you can join a group with other members of the Ridely community that are on the same journey to improving their dressage scores and performance at dressage competitions! In this group we will be running monthly competitions alongside the release of each new challenge. Share your attempt at one of Carl’s exercises in each challenge in this group, and be in to win an exciting prize!

Live Right Now: Challenge #4 with Carl Hester – Walk Pirouettes

Many riders struggle with walk pirouettes, so we asked Carl for his best exercises to help improve them at home and eliminate common mistakes.

Try two of Carl’s best exercises to help you with feeling the steps of the walk pirouette, and getting the correct size and positioning in this challenge!

Carl Hester demonstrating a beautiful walk pirouette together with the Portuguese stallion Habil.

Complete the Challenge and WIN Big! 🎁

Want to improve your training AND enter an awesome giveaway at the same time? You can win a LeMieux saddle pad signed by Carl Hester! Enter in three simple steps:

  1. Watch Carl’s videos and learn from the tips
  2. Post a video in the group Carl Hester’s Dressage Challenge of you taking on the challenge
  3. Write one sentence on the post with your video about what you found helpful

The winner will be announced in the group on Friday 10th March, you can join it here if you haven’t already! Good luck 🍀

Start the Challenge Today!

Join the challenge with one simple click, and get ready to transform your dressage tests with a few simple tips from one of the world’s best dressage riders and trainers. 

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Start the Challenge Today!

Squeeze more marks out of your dressage test with this secret! 🤫

The first excellent video from Carl Hester has landed and is a must watch for all riders. Read on to find out exactly how you can improve your scores, from the master himself.

Crooked and uneven halts! We all get them, and they really impact the score in your dressage test. Every single test has a halt so make sure you can execute them correctly! In the latest video with Carl, he shares some techniques and exercises to use when training your horse to make a square halt. You definitely don’t want to miss this chance to learn and improve your scores from the judges! Watch the video here and level up your scores. 💪

We have so many exciting things to tell you!

The team here at Ridely have been busy filming, editing, developing and preparing to get a bunch of new content ready for you!

  • Carl Hester is returning with new exercises
  • Joe Stockdale and Jack Whitaker launching soon
  • PRO Community Group is here with giveaways, discount codes and exclusive content
  • Lillie Keenan’s new Training Program is live!
  • Monthly giveaway with a Charles Owen Goodie Bag
  • Brand new functionality to improve the recommendations for you and your training

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