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Train with the 2024 Champions

We’d like to congratulate our amazing riders selected to represent their nations this summer!

Carl Hester 🇬🇧

Carl Hester is one of the biggest names in the dressage world and is a true legend. This year, Carl will be competing in his seventh Olympics, this time onboard his talented ride ‘Fame’. Carl has been at the top of the sport as both a rider and trainer for decades, and his knowledge and teaching style are applauded globally. 

Carl demonstrates his expertise and top tips on training dressage movements across all levels in his exclusive Ridely training videos. In our new training program, ”Train with the 2024 Champions” you’ll find a few of his training videos as well as his top tips for riding a dressage test.

Carl Hester on his 2020 Olympic ride En Vogue.

Charlotte Dujardin 🇬🇧

Charlotte Dujardin needs no introduction! She’s a 3-time Olympian with 6 medals, including 3 gold, 3 unbroken world records, and a huge collection of achievements across her career. She made history aboard the famed ‘Valegro’ at the 2012 London Games, and this year will be her fourth Olympics, her first time with her ride ‘Imhotep,’ known as Pete at home. 

When our team filmed with Charlotte, she gave us an exclusive masterclass in establishing the basic principles she uses with all her horses. In this new Training Program, you’ll find a few of her most loved exercises, as well as a short piece on how she deals with nerves. We have also included a bonus video with Charlotte’s former groom Alan Davies on his experience taking ‘Imhotep’ to his first major championships.

Charlotte Dujardin riding a canter extension on Florentina.

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz 🇩🇴

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz will be representing the Dominican Republic individually for her third Olympics this year. She has been competing at the international level for many years, earning incredible recognition in the global dressage community. In addition to her riding career, Yvonne is also a coach and trainer, working with riders and horses of all levels. 

Yvonne shares some great exercises to help improve basic movements in Ridely. Her training methods are unique and very popular. You’ll also find an exclusive interview with her.

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz

Henrik von Eckermann 🇸🇪

Henrik von Eckermann is one of the biggest names in the show jumping world and has taken it by storm! He holds the record for the longest time as world number one on the FEI world ranking list. He won team gold at the Tokyo 2020 Games and since then has swept up gold medals at the European and World Championships as well as the 2023 and 2024 World Cups. This year, he will be competing in his fourth Olympics, no doubt hoping to add a few more gold medals to his collection. 

In his Ridely videos, Henrik rides a young horse and focuses on the principles of jumping,  building up to riding a full course. In the “Train with the 2024 Champions” program, you will find key exercises and a short piece on his toughest challenge as a rider.

Henrik von Eckermann and his Olympic ride King Edward.

Joe Stockdale 🇬🇧

Joe Stockdale is set to make his Olympic debut this year, following in the footsteps of his late father, Tim Stockdale, a British Olympian show jumper. Joe has already built an impressive career, competing in his first major senior championship at the 2022 World Championships, where Team GBR won a bronze medal. Since then, Joe and his Paris ride ‘Cacharel’, a horse his father picked out before he passed away, have gone from strength to strength, leading up to Joe’s first Olympic selection.

Not only an exceptional rider, Joe has a brilliant teaching style, as demonstrated in his Ridely exercises where he breaks down key components of show jumping to help riders of all levels improve. You can find him both teaching and riding in the videos, as well as an exclusive interview where you will learn more about Joe’s background and mentality as a professional show jumper.

Joe Stockdale and his Olympic ride Cacharel, stable name ‘Cash’.

Ingrid Klimke 🇩🇪

Ingrid Klimke is one of Germany’s leading stars in the equestrian world. She has competed in five Olympic Games in eventing, picking up two gold medals and one silver. This year will be her debut in dressage with her horse ‘Franziskus FRH,’ after they helped Germany win team bronze at the 2022 World Championships.

Ingrid uses cavaletti exercises as a fundamental part of her training for all her horses, regardless of their discipline. You’ll also find two exclusive interview pieces about what inspires Ingrid and her choice to compete in both dressage and eventing.

Ingrid Klimke and Freudentänzer

Train with them in Ridely!

We’ve had the pleasure of filming with these incredible athletes and have collected their best videos for you to enjoy in a new training program named “Train with the 2024 Champions”. In each session, you’ll find a few handpicked exercises from each rider, as well as an exclusive interview piece.

Enjoy learning with them and watching them in the big arena this summer! And don’t forget, there’s plenty more content from these riders available on Ridely — these are just a few highlights!

Learn from Carl Hester in Ridely!

Exclusive training videos with top trainers and riders like Carl Hester are available in the Ridely library. Don’t miss it!