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How Our AI Coach Supports Riders – and Shapes Our Product Roadmap

Since we launched our AI Coach in October 2023, thousands of Ridely users have had their questions answered. While the identity of the person asking remains anonymous, we can see both the questions and the answers – and they are incredibly interesting.

Ridely’s Coach merges AI with expert-vetted content developed over years – providing highly effective guidance and insight for our users. This feature not only greatly benefits our riders, but also delivers substantial value to our team and  enabling us to shape our roadmap to best serve our customers, even as trends evolve.

We recently identified an interesting theme in the questions to the coach: many riders ask about confidence, or rather, the lack of it. They might have fallen off and are now afraid to ride, lack the confidence to ride alone, feel scared of cantering, or get very nervous before a jumping lesson. And, let’s be honest, haven’t we all been there at some point? Whether it’s with a green horse who has a tendency to buck when excited or a fresh horse on a trail ride, there have been times we all need an extra confidence boost.   

When we identified this trend, we put together a brand new training program called The Confidence Booster. This program features exercises from several top riders and trainers, offering advice on managing nerves, overcoming negative thoughts, and building confidence. Launched recently, this quickly became one of Ridely’s most popular training programs. 

Being able to follow our users’ daily training struggles and questions is immensely valuable. It allows us to focus on what matters most to our customers and reach our overall objective: helping riders worldwide succeed and thrive with their horses. With the upcoming launch of the next version of our AI coach, we look forward to further empowering equestrians with this powerful technology, inspiring more magical moments in the saddle.

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