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Ridely’s New Monthly Trail Ride Challenges

The open trail is calling – adventure awaits! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Ridely’s brand new Monthly Trail Ride Challenges, the perfect way to push your limits, bond more deeply with your horse, and join a community of fellow riders.

What are the Trail Riding Challenges?

Whether you’re a beginner rider looking to increase your time in the saddle, an experienced equestrian seeking motivation to explore new terrain, or simply want to connect with other horse lovers on an exciting journey, our monthly challenges are for you.

The 7 Ride Challenge

Perfect for beginners, those with limited time or happy hackers, the 7 Ride Challenge involves completing 7 trail rides within a month. Track your progress through the Ridely app calendar (once you have accepted the challenge in your profile or homepage) and it will automatically log your progress. This is a great way to start building a regular riding routine with your horse.

The 14 Ride Challenge

Up for something more ambitious? The 14 Ride Challenge requires completing 14 trail rides in a month. Once you have hit your 7 ride badge you will move onto the 14 rides badge. This is ideal for riders wanting to increase their time in the saddle. Push yourself while enjoying quality time with your horse.

The 21 Ride Challenge

Our most intense challenge! Complete 21 trail rides within the month and demonstrate your commitment to the trail! This challenge will strengthen your partnership with your horse as you log extra hours together.

How to Participate in the Trail Riding Challenge?

Taking part in Ridely’s Monthly Trail Ride Challenges is easy and accessible to all riders. Simply download the Ridely app on your mobile device and create an account. Once logged in, you’ll see an option to join the challenge on the homepage.

After accepting the monthly Trail Ride Challenge, start planning and tracking your progress. The Ridely app allows you to plan and log your rides, track and Live Share your hacks, join discussion groups and more – everything you need to stay motivated and engaged is in one place. We handle all the details so you can simply focus on time with your horse and enjoying the journey.

Benefits of Taking the Challenge

Taking on Ridely’s Monthly Trail Ride Challenge provides numerous benefits beyond just racking up miles together. The journey will lead to profound personal growth and a deeper bond with your equine partner.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to complete the required number of rides each month encourages self-reflection. As you encounter challenges on the trail, you build inner strength, resilience and a “can-do” attitude. Setting riding goals and achieving them instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

The rides shared with your horse are powerful. You’ll learn to communicate and cooperate in new environments. A bond can develop as you navigate the trails together.

Preparing for the Challenge

Taking on the Trail Ride Challenge might require some preparation. Here are some tips to help you maximize the challenge:

1. Pick Appropriate Trails for Your Horse

Choose trails that match your current riding abilities, while still providing some challenge to help you improve. Look for trails with varied terrain that allow you to practice hill work and technical skills. Start with shorter 5-10 mile routes and work up to longer distances as the month progresses. Check trails for potential hazards and always ride within your limits.

2. Get Your Horse Fit and Ready

Ease your horse into the training, if you or your horse are not so experienced on the trail, find someone to join you (by foot or on horseback), it’s always safer to trail ride with an experienced rider/horse. Then you can gradually increase the number and intensity of rides over several weeks. Check tack for fit and comfort. Have a vet or farrier examine your horse if needed, and address any developing issues proactively.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Break the total down into weekly targets to stay on track. Focus on personal progress and your “personal best” each month – rather than competing with others. Use the rides to improve trust and communication with your horse. Celebrate small wins throughout the month to stay motivated.

With the right preparation and mindset, you and your horse will be ready to take on the trail ride challenge and reap the rewards.

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