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Master Your Equestrian Schedule with Ridely’s Dedicated Calendar Feature

In the life of an equestrian, every minute counts. Between training sessions, competitions, and maintaining your horse’s health, staying organised can feel like a hurdle.

That’s where our innovative journal-based calendar comes in handy!

This feature was designed specifically with equestrians in mind. It offers a comprehensive solution to log, plan, and track all of your training sessions. More than a mere schedule, it is a dynamic tool that adapts to the unique demands of your equestrian lifestyle.

A significant aspect of the Calendar feature is its ability to log your progress. With every training session you enter, the app collates a detailed summary of your activities. This statistics view allows you to conveniently monitor your progress, adjusting your training routine as necessary for optimal results.

”The calendar feature in Ridely really allows me to keep track of my horses health and soundness. I can identify where there have been changes, what may have influenced them and then how I have managed them back to soundness. It really helps me with my team of horses as well as juggling university and work.”

– Pippy Rushford, AUS, Ridely PRO User

But that’s not all! The Calendar feature also promotes collaboration. If you have a co-rider, you can sync your schedules, view each other’s sessions, and even leave comments. This interactive approach ensures that everyone involved in your horse’s journey stays informed and engaged.

Sharing your equestrian journey is also a breeze with Ridely. By sharing your horse in the app, friends, family, and trainers can follow your journey, strengthening the community spirit that lies at the heart of Ridely.

The Calendar feature of the Ridely is much more than just a planning tool.

It’s your personal assistant, your progress tracker, and your community platform all rolled into one.

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