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4 Grooming Bag Essentials You Need for Your Horse

Have you got these essential grooming tools in your grooming bag?

There are hundreds of grooming tools on the market, so we asked International travelling groom Alan Davies to share his top recommendations. Alan is responsible for making Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester’s string of horses, from youngsters to Olympians, look beautiful in the ring and at home, so he definitely has the best horse grooming kit around!

Alan’s Top 4 Horse Grooming Tools:

  1. NAF Show Off Blue Shampoo
    This is a handy shampoo for removing dust, grime and stains while bathing your horse. It also brings out a shine on your horse’s coat. Whether you need your black horse blacker or your white horse whiter, this shampoo is guaranteed to get you the results you need with an added shine! 
  1. NAF Silky Mane and Tail Spray
    Alan uses this product every day on all of his horse’s tails. It removes dirt, dust and grease from the tail and it also helps to easily remove shavings from the bed. Use this to leave that beautiful but natural shine in your horse’s mane and tail!
  1. NAF Shine On Spray 
    This is a coat spray for when Alan has finished brushing the horses and wants to go over the coat to bring out the shine. You can also use it on your horse’s mane and tail for an all over sparkle!
  1. NAF Leather Cleanse and Condition
    This is a tack cleaner that Alan takes to shows since the tack can often get dusty while being travelled in trunks in the lorry. He also uses it regularly on the tack at home to keep it well oiled leaving a non-sticky natural finish. 

You can hear all of Alan’s thoughts on these products as well as an exclusive sneak peek into his travelling grooming kit in Ridely by watching the videos below! 

Alan Davies about his essential grooming products
Packing for a show? Here’s how Alan does it

Alan’s Top Grooming Tips

Alan has also shared his best grooming tips in a series of grooming videos in Ridely which has been sponsored by NAF. Watch him put these products to the test in his grooming videos! Find his best tips in Ridely.

Ridely x NAF Partnership

Ridely are thrilled to partner with NAF to bring you the best grooming advice, product recommendation and essential care information for your horse. To find out more about the products and services that NAF offer, visit their website here: naf-equine.eu

Get the best grooming tips from Alan Davies

Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester’s groom Alan Davies has a whole series of grooming videos in Ridely.

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