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The Importance of Learning from an Expert Equestrian Trainer

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, learning from an expert equestrian trainer is crucial to ensuring that you develop your skills safely and effectively.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why it’s so important to learn from a professional when it comes to horse riding.

Safety First Around Horses

Horse riding can be a hobby, sport and a lifestyle. As fun as it is, it also comes with inherent risks. Horses are powerful animals, and without proper guidance, accidents can happen. Qualified equestrian trainers have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to handle horses safely, both on the ground and in the saddle. They will show you the correct way to approach, groom, tack up, and mount your horse, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. It is important to assess where you are at as a rider and be realistic with your views – this will help your trainer to look after you, teach you and always ensure your safety as a first priority.

Building a Solid Foundation

Learning from a trainer ensures that you start with a strong foundation. There are so many aspects of horse riding. With a professional on your team, they will teach you the basics, from understanding horse behaviour and communication to proper riding techniques and skills. This knowledge is essential for riders of all levels, as it forms the basis for advanced riding skills and a deeper connection with your horse.


Confidence is a vital component of horse riding. Whether you’re overcoming the initial fear of being around such large animals or looking to improve your abilities, a trainer can provide you with the guidance and reassurance you need. They will help you conquer your fears, become a more confident rider, and truly enjoy the experience of horse riding. Patience is key to developing confidence, finding a trainer that respects where you are at in the present, and your goals for the future is going to help your progression along the journey.

Decide on your Discipline

Horse riding encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from dressage, show jumping and eventing to trail riding and western. To excel in your chosen discipline, it’s essential to learn from a trainer who specialises in that area. Trainers can fine-tune your skills and teach you advanced techniques specific to your riding style, experience and ability to teach you with the discipline and your goals in mind.

Achieving Your Riding Goals

Every rider has their unique goals, whether it’s competing in horse shows, becoming a better rider, or simply enjoying leisurely rides with confidence. Having a dedicated trainer that can tailor their lessons to help you achieve your objectives. They create personalised training plans that consider your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, ensuring you stay on the right path to success.

Alternative Options – Ridely Your Digital Training Partner

It can be expensive and time consuming to have a trainer that you visit consistently. This can usually include travelling with your horse to their venue, paying for their time and also taking time away from school or work to attend. This can become a barrier to learning for many equestrians, however it doesn’t need to be! Ridely is an app and web platform dedicated to helping equestrians across the globe with their training, learning and development. The app is home to 450+ training videos, 65 trainers and 11 Olympians. All providing expert advice, lessons and training exercises to assist you in a whole range of topics. If you have a question, Ridely more than likely has a video to cover it.

The Ridely platform can provide relief in the pressures of training and travelling, with an easy to access, affordable and all inclusive rider experience.

Making the investment into your learning is going to set you up for the future. It is like learning to ride a bike, once you know how to do the basics, you are continuously learning to improve, gaining confidence and reaching for your goals. Good luck on your trainer search!

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