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Establish Rhythm and Control

A free 3-part video series with Flatwork exercises for Jumpers

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What our users say

Helping thousands of riders

“The exercises in Ridely have helped me and my cob progress up the British Dressage levels from novice to now medium! I love Carl and Charlotte and that there are always new videos to explore and challenges to participate in.”

PRO since 2020

“I have been using the app for a while and it has been invaluable. I am able to track and log my rides, reach out to equestrian professionals when I’ve got a question relating to my riding, and have a variety of video tutorials at fingertips. The app is super easy to use and I highly recommend it to all equestrians.”

PRO since 2022

“I love being able to manage my team of horses, follow our journey and learn from the best.When eventing, I need to be really structured with my training and management, Ridely makes this easy and enjoyable for our whole team. It’s a staple part of my equestrian journey.”

PRO since 2021